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Meet The Boson

"Introducing a brilliantly designed modular headset, perfectly balancing price and performance, changing the PCVR space and adding standalone PCVR support on a x64 architecture."

What is The Boson?

The Boson is an open source XR headset which is customizable by the user. This can go from a simple PCVR rig to something as advanced as a Vision Pro alternative. Three models of the headset are primarily sold, allowing customization within each subcategory.

Variant 1: PCVR Only

Looking for a HTC Vive alternative? The Boson Model 1 takes advantage of the connected computer to handle the driver data. This allows the headset to work with a minimal setup while also being very small and lightweight, fit for hours of gameplay.

Version 2: AR + PCVR

Similar to the Hololens or the Vision Pro, the Model 2 focuses on augmented reality and PCVR with an Alder Lake N100, while also attempting a much lower level of standalone PCVR. This is lightly based on the Aguma from SAO; Ordinal Scale.

Version 3: Standalone PCVR + AR + PCVR

The true flagship of the Boson line, the Model 3 uses a high end AMD Ryzen 5800u @ 16GB to run a higher level of standalone PCVR, AR and normal PCVR. An optional 6800M GPU puck connector allows for high end performance within a standalone solution.


Lightweight Yet Capable

The usage of a puck reduces hardware in the headset, meaning it will feel lightweight while counterweight batteries give more device lifetime than all-in-ones.

Cost Friendly

The headset is customizable, meaning you decide what you do and don't want in yours. This allows you to balance cost and capability to your wants.

VR Glove Controllers

Controllers are 2022 and it's time to party like it's 2023! All headsets use open source VR Gloves with connectable controllers.

Unlimited Power

Using our Flagship AMD Puck mixes a 16GB 5800u CPU and a 8GB 6600M GPU, making standalone pcvr a reality and raising the bar for pcvr headsets everywhere.

Open Source

While there is a patent to be put on the headset, we have no intention of renewing it after expiry and will be open sourcing it a little after release.

SteamVR Friendly

This runs on a Steam-VR Driver to be Open Sourced for the DIY VR Community, which allows the headset to use any SteamVR game.

Windows Base OS

Windows OS Is Used As The Base, Although This Will Change To Linux In The Future. You can interact with Windows within the Shell OS.

Adnroid, Linux and OSX Virtual Device

You are able to have infinite desktops as well as Android, Windows, Linux and OSX even if you don't have another device.

Customization Options

Have Your Boson Work For You The Way You Want It To

Base Features
- 2160 x 2160 @ 90hzPer Eye Displays with PsuedoPancake lens system
- Peripheral LED System, increasing the FOV from the user's perspective
- Two VR Gloves with 6DOF Tracking, Haptic Feedback and a force feedback system in progress
- Minimum 5 Hour Playtime On All Pucks With Modular Battery Connector For Increased Power Or Reduced Weight
- Two Microphones For User And Environmental Listening
- Lighthouse Tracking Friendliness Work In Progress
Processing Puck
- None, best for PCVR only where you can trust your computer to do the processing work
- Intel Alder Lake N100, 8GB or 16GB RAM, best for using Standalone AR and Wired PCVR day to day
- AMD Ryzen 5800u, 16GB or 32 GB RAM + AMD 6600M @ 8GB GPU, best for using Standalone PCVR + AR and Wired PCVR
- x2 1280 x 720 @ 120fps, Global Shutter Cameras for 6dof Tracking
- x2 1920 x 1080 @ 60FPS, Global Shutter Cameras for Augmented Reality (Creates a 2160 x 1920 image)
- x2 1920 x 1080 @ 30fps, Rolling Shutter Cameras for Eye Tracking
Audio Drivers
- None, best for using your own headphone system
- x2 Tectonic TEBM35C02-6B Speakers, High Quality Speakers made for XR
- x2 Bone Induction Speaker Modules for AR, Currently in Development

Running with the XRUIOS

The Extended Reality User Interface Operating System, A Shell OS for Extended Reality
Mobirise Website Builder
intuitive ui/ux

Much time and effort went into creating a ui system which looked original and creative, while being able to be easily understood by users.

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Theme System

Customize your Shell OS to truly match you. Whether it be a simple font change or a complete aesthetic remake, the XRUIOS will support it.

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Area Recognition

By having areas segmented into different saved locations, you can quickly change your room from a studying suite to one fit for art, gaming or whichever way you decide to change reality.

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Character System

A virtual representation of you, this character is able to be used across most WI 3D programs.


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Unlimited Virtual Desktops

Not only can you connect to your phone or computer virtually, you can setup an unlimited amount of virtual desktops and use Android, Windows, and XOS at the same time, no setup.

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Local AI System

Say goodbye to Siri! The Arhua-Sys are AIs developed for being as flexible and problem-solving as possible while having their own personalities!

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Open Source

Of course, almost everything within will be open source at update 2.0 (quality checking), after some third party plugins which need to be brought, but nothing too proprietary is used!

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Use Your Desktop In XR

No need to setup anything special here. As soon as you turn on your device, you can interact with the base OS at any time, in any way you want without any special code needed.

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OperaGX Friendly

While most of the base software in Windows was replaced with OS alternatived, OperaGX is one of the rare exception given it's capabilities and how well it fits into the XRUIOS as a whole.

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And Much, Much More

The XRUIOS can run Desktop Programs, SteamVR, XRUIOS Programs and much, much more. With time, the XRUIOS will only grow in capability.

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