Walker Industries

Walking To The Future

"Humanity can only evolve once technology deems it fit, whether for better or worse."

Overcome, Achieve, Exceed.

Community Friendly

Openness is a huge aspect of Walker Industries in technology. We place a focus on open sourcing our RnD and products and love seeing how they are used by others!

Future Focused

The technology we develop spans between industries, with the goal of bringing forward new advancements to technology without sacrificing quality or the environment.

Innovation Driven

We work with high tech companies (such as Amprius and their Silicon batteries) to bring you the best technology available on the market.

Privacy Oriented

We NEVER sell or trade your privacy data and place a focus on keeping user data as private/optional as possible in the rare cases of data collection.

Flexible Serving

We cater to both customers and companies! Our agency segment in planning can help companies bring forward new advancements without hefty costs or fees after a one time payment!

black samsung flat screen computer monitor
black samsung flat screen computer monitor

View Some Of Our Projects

From cutting-edge technologies to solutions that address contemporary challenges, our projects exemplify our forward-thinking approach to progress.

*The XRUIOS, A Shell OS For XR Headsets

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