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Herman Remy,
Founder and CEO

"Who am I to ignore when fate whispers into my ear?"

Walker Industries is a Delaware LLC which has one main goal in mind; the advancement of humanity with technology as the torch forward. Upholding a philosophy firmly rooted in the rejection of corporate greed, Walker Industries believes that true progress stems from equitable and responsible distribution of the benefits that their innovations bring, fostering an environment where humanity collectively thrives.

how it started

The story of Walker Industries began in 2016, sparked by the movie "Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale." Seeing the Augma device's Augmented Reality potential, Herman looked at finding anything similar to it, but only saw the Hololens as the closest device, lacking in many ways. From there, he went to work. Being 12 at the time and coming from nowhere near high class, he knew that he lacked knowledge but at the same time could learn and always start again when he was older if anything were to go awry.

After that, Walker Industries delved into VR/AR, 3D modeling, programming, and Unity development. Through competitions, business skills were sharpened. The journey reached a milestone with an optical prototype merging Enmesi Optics and Walker Industries' own XRUIOS—an Extended Reality User Interface Operating System. This marked the start of the real developmental pushes in Walker Industries. Many projects would be born out of this desire to innovate, specifically the Vector Gear, which aimed to be like the Aguma.

Aside from that, many other projects were born out of the need to create such as the Arhua-Sys AI, the Psuedo Pancakes and the Vector Gear/Boson headsets.

Today, Walker Industries continues to grow from the ideas of one child to a small collective with a singular goal in mind; innovation. Guided by ambition, Walker Industries advances with determination. At the same time, Walker Industries moves with the goal of creating a better tomorrow with it's technology. All innovations made slowly push towards this goal of creating a truly connected humanity as "United together, Humanity can defeat the four horsemen".

Because of this as well, almost all Walker Industries projects are open sourced with instructions on how to create the products at home without any special manufacturing needed. Most patents are left to expire after the 7 years, given if no innovation was made from there, the product either no longer matters or effort must be pushed further. Because of this focus on innovation over profit, Walker Industries is and always will be a private company with almost no investors.

As a wise saying goes, "We do what we must because we can." The crossroads of innovation and ambition illuminate Walker Industries' path ahead.

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