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Fall 2023

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The Boson

In the VR sphere, true progress with headsets are limited as companies focus more on the optics and pieces within a headset, rather than what allows the headset to run in the first place which limits users to the games which can run on a device. The Boson was born out of the Vector Gear, a project which aimed to create a standalone PCVR headset. The first variant is a HTC Vive style PCVR.  The second adds in a puck for Hololens style AR. Finally, the final headset takes the VG's research and is a standalone VR puck with an optional GPU.

The PsuedoPancakes

Ever tried making your own VR headset? Then you know how limited you are when trying to find an optical unit that is cheap, flexible and understandable. When working on the Boson, this was a problem which showed itself early on, with those leading the VR optics industry leaving their research either behind closed doors, under heavy proprietary contracts or expensive systems which can't be replicated. The PsuedoPancakes use a stupidly simple yet effective design to mimic the performance of pancake lens at a cost of no more than $40 for an optical unit, vs the industry's $1k for a single eye. Of course, the design can be easily replicated at home and does not use any special parts. 

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The Arhua-Sys

Modern LLM datasets focus on trying to crush as much knowledge into an AI as possible or on trying to get certain types of responses. In this, the way that Ais act are like carbon copies, usually having a certain set of reactions and knowledge available. The Arhua-Sys (Or Artificial Reality Humanoid Understanding and Assistance System) uses a custom framework to give AIs a true personality while not limiting their actions but instead creating a basis on which an AI thinks before acting. This is being built atop OpenORCA and will be open sourced as progress into development continues.


One thing that makes XR so special is the ability to run anything you'd like within a 3D environment. However, current software aimed at this focuses more on creating corporate ideals fit only for a small percentage of users instead of a true 3D space. The XRUIOS (Or Extended Reality User Interface Operating System) (Sir-Hee-Hos) is a Shell OS made within Unity, with the goal of allowing users to run any program on their headset without prior setup, while also allowing developers to have an easier time creating XR games, apps and experiences. This runs atop the Windows OS but can run Windows, Android, XOS and Linux at the same time, as well as any program that can run on those platforms.

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Sagittarius 7

Artificial Intelligence and mankind are headed on a direct collision course, regardless of if some may like it and others may not. As the technological capabilities of AI progress, it is not just important that AI is able to work, but that AIs are able to take jobs which were traditionally human ran while putting much  focus on allowing humanity to focus on philosophy, the arts, science and more. Sagittarius 7 is a virtual city which houses a virtual city and several Ais. This allows AI to learn more about humans to a personal level and allow humans to watch AI advance in a neutral space. Also fuck the "metaverse", this isn't that.

The Javelin

An advanced exosuit based off of the "Javelin" seen from Anthem. This uses a hydrogen fuel cell core to power a network of McKibben muscles to augment a user's strength. Aside from this, the exosuit directly meshes with the Boson headset, offering a high quality HMD for the user. Of course, this is open sourced although certain elements planned can not legally be open sourced (yet).

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